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temporary & portable walls

temporary & portable walls

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Temporary and portable walls…I believe they could be one of the greatest problems in the church.  Not so much the physical ones, though I can’t seem to get those to work very well either.  I am referring to the spiritual temporary and portable walls we use so often.  We love the privacy they give us when we are struggling spiritually and we are even more thrilled with them when we can move them out of the way for all to see our moment of great success.  This faith façade we erect with our brothers and sisters in Christ is keeping us in the dry wastelands of spiritual drought.   What could your life look......

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Lord Jesus… I choose now to make it a priority to attend my church’s worship service. I won’t allow any event, activity, or person to become more important than corporate...

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I woke up to a jostling of the bed.  As I opened my eyes, I saw my 5 year old daughter standing over me holding a tray, my wife beside...

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It was the first Sunday at our new church and as I made my way to the front row, I met Joe.  While I observed right away that Joe had...

Dying To Live

I was greeted this morning as I sifted through my inbox with an email titled “We can HELP your Church’s brand” sent from a church branding company. I had not...

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