Lord Jesus…

I choose now to make it a priority to attend my church’s worship service.

I won’t allow any event, activity, or person to become more important than corporate worship,

I will do everything in my power to reserve this day for you, Lord.


I will commit to prepare for corporate worship the day before.

Lord you deserve more than my last minute scrambling.

I will get to bed on time so that I am rested and ready for worship.

I will wake up early so that I have more than enough time to get ready for worship.

Before I leave the house for church,

I will make the time to pray by myself,

as well as with my family and friends.

Lord I ask You to prepare my own heart for corporate worship today.
Lord help me hear you clearly.
I desire for You to change me more than I ask for you to change others around me.

I make a commitment now to interact with fellow believers in corporate worship.
I will look for ways to serve and encourage them and their families.
I lift them up to you Lord.


I choose not to be offended by anything or anyone who doesn’t meet my expectations.

I choose to focus my conversation with others on who You are, Jesus, and what I see You doing.

I make the decision now not to gossip by refusing to listen to or speak things about others that are not absolute fact or none of my business.

Lord help me not be distracted by my own preferences:
By the music selection;

By the length of the service;

By who is or isn’t seated around me;
Or anything that would cause me to take my eyes off of You, Lord.

Lord I ask that You will anoint the sermon you have put on my pastor’s heart.
Lord strengthen and infuse my pastor with boldness from you.
Lord please help me be an encouragement to my pastor.

Lord I lift to you our children and the children’s ministry leaders today,
Lord may they experience you in a powerful way.

May your Holy Spirit saturate our children’s worship service.

Lord I affirm that worship is not about me but about You.

I affirm that my heart needs to worship You, God.

I believe that you will recalibrate my heart as I focus on You.


I choose now to say yes to whatever You ask of me, Lord.

I plan now to move in new steps of obedience to You.


I choose now to prepare for worship.
Jesus, I choose to lift you up above all other.

Jesus, I am so looking forward to being in your presence with my brothers and sisters.


Psalm 122:1 –

I rejoiced with those who said to me,

“Let us go to the house of the LORD.”

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